Brittany Ortega sitting on a bookshelf holding an iPad with an apple pencil

Brittany Ortega

Hey there! I’m Brittany. I help writers put their story into the world with confidence.

Who even knows what a comma splice is anyway?

Me. I’m a believer that everyone who picks up a book is looking for a winning experience. They want you, the author, to succeed in your goal of telling them an amazing story. When I trained as a yoga teacher, my teacher said, “Everyone in this class just wants a good class. They aren’t waiting for you to mess up. ” I have carried this philosophy in everything I have pursued. Therefore, I help authors bring readers along for a ride free of distracting (normal) mistakes.

My love affair with books is lifelong, and my first book binge came at age 11 with Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone (I’m a Gryffindor through and through). I started reading it on a family road trip. Consequently, I plowed through the first book and then I made my parents pull over to get me the next one. My heart has belonged to books ever since. Books have inspired me to travel, to start new hobbies, and to explore how I want my life to look.

I had two babies in less than two years (one during the COVID-19 pandemic). Afterward, I felt called to better align myself with what I’m best at—helping others. So, in October of 2021, I left my corporate nine-to-five job as a paralegal to pursue copyediting full-time. Lucky for me, it was a job I’d been doing since college through tutoring English, editing corporate documents, and helping friends and multi-author books.

So, who am I now?

I’m a book editor, mentor, and mom of two girls. I have a bachelor’s degree in history, a copyediting certificate from UC San Diego, and I’m a member of ACES. I support romance and fantasy authors to meet their publishing dreams through editing and support services.