Enlisting beta readers is a critical first step in your external editing journey. Beta readers read your manuscript and provide you with concrete feedback from the perspective of a reader. They can help you find plot holes, character flaws, likeability, and ease of reading concerns that you may be too close to see.

Therefore, we’ve designed this service to help authors find qualified beta readers to give authors constructive feedback to help your book be the best it can be.

If you’re interested in joining our beta reader team, scroll to the bottom for how to reach out.

This program takes the stress off by providing quick, thorough feedback on your work. All you need to do is send in your manuscript and they reach out to betas, have a comprehensive list of questions, and consolidate the information for you. I highly recommend!

Melanie Daoust – Author

What is this program and what makes it different from finding betas yourself?

This program serves authors looking for useful first-step reader feedback, but who don’t want the hassle of finding their own betas. With our program, you are guaranteed constructive feedback from trained beta readers. They are avid readers in your genre and they know what to be on the lookout for. Furthermore, we compensate our beta readers for their time and to encourage the return of their feedback forms.

What’s better is that our readers are experienced, having already provided valuable feedback on books like yours. Moreover, you and our betas remain anonymous to keep all responses and manuscripts private and honest. Lastly, the program is structured around a dedicated feedback form for your project with specific questions the beta readers answer. This structure provides you with multiple points of view focused on important topics to help you make necessary improvements.

What genres do our beta readers specialize in?

This program is currently only available to romance and fantasy authors, though exclusions may be made based on subject matter.

How does the process work?

What Can I Expect to Receive and How Long Does it Take?

Expect: 3 sets of feedback from our trained beta readers.

Time: If your book is 90,000 words or less you should anticipate a 1 week turnaround time.


90,000 words or less- $75

More than 90,000 words- $100

You have done a really incredible job setting this service up and I found it extremely valuable. I would recommend this to any author the turnaround time is incredible and the way the responses are organized is very clear and easy to digest.

Kallista Kohl – Author

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