Every Edit Includes:

-Spelling consistencies

-Grammar checking

-Fact checking

-Word usage correction

-Voice/Tone/Tense consistency

-Table of Content checks

-Bibliography checks and formatting

-Suggestions for awkward sentences

-Correcting punctuation

-Character lists

-Timeline of story

-Light formatting

-Plot hole querying

-Style sheet

-How-to-read your edits sheet with tips and suggestions

-Light line edits

-Occasional rewording of sentences

-Movement of sentences for stronger impact

Prices Start at $.025/word

Honest and Supportive Services Tailored to Your Genre’s Standards

Romance Copyediting

Happily ever after has never been so close, but you still have that final hurdle of editing your manuscript. Luckily, as an experienced copyeditor and lover of romance novels, I’m the person who will make sure your story hits the shelves in its best shape. Your characters will be consistent, the typos and grammar issues will be reader ready, and you get to publish with confidence. Schedule your sample edit and connection call today.

Fantasy Fiction Copyediting

The fantasy is for you to get your new book into the hands of readers who are ready to escape reality. Fantasy is a high-detail genre when it comes to characters, world-building, and storyline. You need me as a copyeditor to use my sharp eye to catch any continuity errors that may have slipped through the cracks. With my extensive feedback sheets, style guides, and character tracker you can ensure you put out a story readers can follow easily and enjoyably. Schedule your sample edit and connection call today.