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“I knew that Brittany really took the time to read and take in my story as a person, not just make edits and look for technical errors. The feedback was caring and warm while also clear and concise; a supportive combination!”

Regyna Curtis, Co-author of Silenced No More

I loved how helpful and friendly Brittany was throughout the process. I trusted that she was truly there to support me and shape my book into the best it could be.

Lauren Green, Author of Fight For It

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Get To Know Me

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I’m a copyeditor and mom of two girls. I’ve built this business while being a full-time mom and I know that authors are doing the same thing. I’m here to lift authors up and help them make their publishing dreams reality.

Editing Services

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Ready to polish your romance or fantasy book and get it into the world? See which service best fits you by clicking below. I can’t wait to help you get your story into your readers’ hands.

Beta Reading

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The first step in editing is getting feedback from beta readers. We can help connect you with trained and experienced beta readers for feedback on your upcoming fantasy or romance novel.

“My initial concern is shared by many newbie authors: fear of showing my work to others.
Once we had the initial call and I could see your energy, I felt extremely comfortable sharing my novels with you.”

CL LaVigne, author of the Chronicle of Ceres books

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“She genuinely wants your work to shine in its best light”

Sanctuary publishing

“Exactly what I needed. Quick Delivery and good quality! Meets all the deadlines and her delivery is up to my expectations.”

Katrina Mira

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